The Adventure Philosophy

At the Adventure Group we believe that life is a journey and an adventure of epic proportions. Each day, as individuals, we face decisions and experience situations that can have a deep impact on our lives and our futures. Adventure Challenges allows us to understand and process the dynamics of life, as well as providing opportunities to grow as a person – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The lessons learned through adventure experiences have the potential to produce positive life changes that both significant and lasting.

It is our Adventure Philosophy that makes Adventure Camp a safe, encouraging and respectful environment for young people to simply be themselves. What is more fun than that?

Our camp staff are trained in the Adventure Philosophy and this is a large part of what makes Adventure Camp such an awesome place! This winter, some of our staff attended a three day Association for Experiential Education Conference in Rindge, NH where we learned and/or refined important facilitation techniques, brain research and tons of fun and meaningful activities. It was a great experience and the staff is excited to share what they learned with other staff and campers!

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